Jewelry Care

Each piece of jewelry has been crafted with care and enthusiasm by me using a variety of techniques. 

You can always let your jewelry develop it's own special patina and sometimes it is really beautiful this way. If you are not a fan of that idea, then here are a few tricks of the trade!

The best way to care for your jewelry is to wipe it clean with a jeweler's cloth after wearing and store in a ziplock bag to prevent tarnishing while in your jewelry box. I have found that Connoisseurs disposable jewelry wipes (in a little red box) are the best and easiest to use. They are safe for all metals and stones. You can wet the cloth a bit for extra strength shining!

A lemon juice bath works very well for all metal pieces with no stones, particularly copper and bronze that have a lot of texture. Just put some in a bowl and swirl the jewelry in it until it is shiny. Make sure to rinse and dry thoroughly before placing back in a bag.

If your piece has stones, you can make a paste of lemon juice and baking soda or use toothpaste, rub it in avoiding the stones, rinse, dry and store.

I will also restore your original shine for a nominal fee if you prefer. Please contact me for shipping information and cost.